Pumpkin Patchin'


I was so excited for the pumpkin patch this year and once we arrived was instantly broken hearted.
For the past few years we were in Idaho going to real farms picking the pumpkins straight from the vines for the best deal, and then this year we were in a mall parking lot surrounded by chain-linked fences with scattered pumpkins way overly-priced... so LAME!
Seriously, I was so bummed, especially when we went to this Martha Stewart pumpkin patch last year, I go for the experience!! So we left empty-handed and are hopefully going to try to make it to a better one this week, but until then I decided to post the few pictures we took.


Emily said...

Yeah, we make the trek to Live Oak just because it is such a good experience and a real pumpkin patch. this year they doubled the size of the corn maze, we're going back next weekend just to go thru the maze!! I can't wait!

Brittany said...

@Emily: That is good to know! More the reason for us to make the trip out there... I just hope that Landon has some open days before Halloween hits!!

Unknown said...

Aw, you guys are so cute! Hopefully you'll have better luck next go around!

Amanda Mae said...

The one in Redlands is the best!! (I don't know it's name... but calling it the Martha Stewart pumpkin patch works!) We are making the long trek this Sunday.

Hummer said...

I can imagine your disappointment. If you would like, maybe one year you can grow your own pumpkin in a pot.


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