Bread Making


 I've told Landon several times how I want to apply to get a job at a bakery and work in the dark early mornings and bake bread.  And he repeatedly replies to me, "after a couple times of working I'm not going to want to get up at 4AM everyday and why would I want to work for someone else, when I can work at home for myself?"  I see the points in his argument and he is usually right, so until I then, I decided to practice on my own. The art of bread making has always been interesting to me, I always dreamed of having a little bakery + specialty chocolate shop... wouldn't that be awesome?  I would be in heaven making crispy, crunchy breads and silky, creamy chocolates all day long!

Anyways, back to real life, today I made a white bread and a cinnamon swirl loaf.  I wasn't dying over either one of them, they turned out great but I want to perfect it so that when I am making a homemade soup in the wintery cold days, I can whip up the most perfect loaf of bread ever.  Do any of you have amazing bread recipes?

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seacreatures said...

WOW. this bread looks amazing!! you could definitely work in a bakery! i haven't had a lot of success with bread, mostly just pizza crust :) if you find a great recipe i'd love to try it though! keep us posted on your pursuits! :)

Emily said...

Don got me a super interesting bread book for Christmas. I should let you check it out since I'm too lazy to make bread. hahaha!

Sarah said...

We will just have to open up a bakery together. I always tell Scott the exact same thing. One time I did get pretty close to getting a job that required the early morning shift but then realized maybe it wouldn't be as glamorous as I thought. ;)

Jessica Holly said...

those loafs look amazing! Recipes??

kylie said...

mm i love homemade bread. my friend makes the BEST dill bread of all time.

ps congrats on the VSCO feature -t hat is rad.

trishie said...

This look and sounds wonderful!! Well done.

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