The Golden Temple


 Amritsar was the last city we toured through in India, and as probably most of you know or can see, Amritsar is where the infamous Golden Temple is.  The Golden Temple is considered holy by the Sikhs.  While we were there sitting on the side of the wall taking everything in, we were approached by a man that was so friendly to us.  He was a Sikh himself and wanted to answer all the questions we had about his religion.  We learned so much and it really opened my eyes to a new world.

As we approached the Golden Temple grounds we first had to wash our feet off at the entrance in little marble pools and then tie on scarves to cover the tops of our heads.  There was one walkway to the entrance of the Golden Temple and there was a massive line of people all waiting to enter shown in photo #3. We followed a few indians through the exit and got into the temple within 5 minutes.  It was a surreal experience being completely surrounded by men all wearing turbans with daggers and swords hanging freely on their sides.  It was breathtaking walking through the Golden Temple.  They had their holy men constantly reading their holy book singing with a repetitive rhythm, it was almost trancing.  The upper half of the walls were plated in gold while the lower half was hand painted.  The floors were all in-laid marble.  Everything was so exquisite and detailed, like everything else in the Indian culture.

There at the Golden Temple they also serve free thali (food) for anyone and everyone and also have free rooms for tourists to stay.  It was a first come first serve basis and I think that out of the 20 beds in one room there were only a few scattered left empty.  Landon and I decided to stay in our own place for our last nights in India but thought that it was awesome how open/generous the Sikh religion was.

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Clara Turbay said...

omg it´s perfect i want to go there.

Lauren Byers said...

These pictures are so cool! India looks amazing! You are very talented :) I've always had this fear of going anywhere in Asia (which is really lame I know) but seeing your pictures, it looks incredible.

Emily said...


Charmaine W said...

Really inspiring photos! I'm from Malaysia and these pictures depicts some familiarity in my country. Nice work!

Ryan & Courtney said...

ok that temple is BEAUTIFUL! I love these pictures!!

Julia said...

you did it again. lovely photos.

Magalie said...

Incredible shots! I loved the Golden Temple, it was by far my favourite place in India. I went back 3 times in 1 day!

Jill said...

I want to go back to India just to see this temple.

ashish123 said...

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