Goodbye Rajasthan


Blasting Indian music, breathing in dust, sweating, and eating spicy snacks pretty much describes our time in the car.  Although that doesn't sound too fun it was one of my favorite times, being able to sit there for 5 hours+ and watch the Indian people go about their daily tasks without really disturbing them.  I was constantly wide-eyed with my camera ready to go waiting for the perfect shot, it started being a game for me to see what I could get driving past them.  Our driver was also so nice and would stop any time I asked.

Anyone else that has been to India can agree with me that the driving is crazy there.  Most of the roads were a single lane and our driver liked to play "chicken" with the opposing driver, not moving/swerving until the very last second just barely missing a head-on collision.  I tried to post up a few photos for an example of what it looked like with a huge school bus going 50mph coming straight at you, not moving, just coming right at you.  I freaked the first couple times but after 10 or so it became the norm.  California drivers don't scare me no more! :)

So looking back on it all I guess having a driver was a plus, we got to see a lot of things that we wouldn't of been able to experience.  The only downsides were that my throat became raw from all the dust and my nose was always bleeding, the solution was tying a scarf around my nose & mouth and simply sweating more.  The other downside was when I had to go to the bathroom... when we were in the middle of no where on completely flat land with nothing to hide behind.  I will be totally open and say that by the end of the trip I was able to go pee on the sidewalk in broad daylight (I am totally proud of myself, it was either that or peeing my pants and sitting in it for another 4 hours).


kylie said...

haha! props to ya, sister. been there done that.

periods + awkward situations = even awkwarder stories haha

Unknown said...

wowwwwwww all your pics are killin me, so epic, wowwwww

Anna Zimmerman said...

These are gorgeous images! Wow.

Anna Zimmerman said...

Also, good for you for adapting and just not giving a shit. I'm sure you just HAD to to feel comfortable, but I still give you mad credit.

Emily said...

oh man!! hahaha! Reminds me of a story my friend who was living in China shared. When they would go to the big cities her youngest would get mad because she couldn't just go on the sidewalk. LOL!!

You deserve an award for public peeing! haha

I love the camel pictures. The one where the camel is all fancied up. So awesome!!

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