Amer Fort


This was our first official 'touristy' stop at Amer Fort built way back in the 10th Century... way way older than America.  It was our first time actually visiting a battling fort and was an awesome experience for us both.  It was also our first time encountering the 'touristing Indians' , who love all white people or what we would call 'whities'... which was only a beginning for the many many photos that were taken of us, with each Indian individually, all 12 of them, plus their babies, plus their grandmas & grandpas, with no exaggeration.
One man ask if he could take my picture, so I agreed and as I stood their smiling he walked closer to me zooming in on my feet and he took a photo of my toes! I have no clue what he will do with that photo but he was thankful and happy, that's all that matters right?  I also had another mom ask if we could take a photo with her children and then said that she was going to hang it on the walls of her home... we were seen as celebrities and I quickly realized that I could in no way live my life like that all the time!


Sarah said...

I am dying over these amazing pictures and this experience. So beautiful!

btw I love your new look and I LOVE GA. You need to go down to Savannah one weekend. It is truly a beautiful city. I am going to retire there :)

Oliviaaa said...

seriously amazing photos. I'm curious though and not in a bad way but... why would everyone want to take your picture? and better yet.. a picture of your toes?! so odd... but intriguing. :]

kylie said...

hahaha that's what happens in a lot of places - especially in asia. gotta love it. pretty photos, brittany

Brittany said...

@ Olivia: They just loved that we were different and had white skin. We met a lot of Europeans who said it was just constant too!

bridget anne said...

beautiful, stunning images. i love that incredible. i can't wait to travel...wanderlust photography is always the best. xo.

Megan Hollenback said...


Jane said...

wow. amazing. so beautiful. keep em coming.

Kristina said...

wonderful colours, amazing shots! really makes me want to go to india simply for taking a gazillion amount of pictures :)

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