And we're off...



emma miller said...

Have a fabulous time!!!! I can't wait to see all your photos when your back :)

Li-Sha said...

how exciting! i can't wait to see what your trip will be like. take care!

Devin said...

What a wonderful way to announce you're taking a trip! So cute! Hop you have a ton of fun!

Emily said...

That was cute!! Have a super super time!

Logan said...

When are you leaving? That is awesome!!!

janis said...

fun video! well done.
why are you guys going? will you be posting at all when you're there?

Kaitlin Welty said...

That was so ridiculously cute! Have fun!!

LSto125 said...

Love this! Great job Brittany! I hope you two have a great time, be safe!!

LSto125 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Thomas' said...

Sorry I left a comment from my Husband (Logan's) account! hah Anyways when are you leaving?

Unknown said...

FUN how cool! so wait, where is it again? haha, im not good at geography. very creative video

J Kozak said...


Brittany said...

@Taylor: We actually left on the 20th and are already here!

@Janice: We are going to just backpack and enjoy the culture! And no I don't plan on posting while I'm here, I have no equipment for my camera here!

@Lisa: We are in India!

The Thomas' said...

Have so much fun. I expect a billion India posts when you get back!

Magalie said...

Love the video! Have a great trip, can't wait to drool over the photos!

PS - I love the map you drew, I've been looking for something like it for some time now!

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