30 second sketches charcoal ladies // 1 minute india ink sketches of men

I hope to start posting more of my daily sketches, I think it will motivate me to draw more and accomplish one of my resolutions! I didn't purposely mean to draw completely opposite sets of images in one sitting, but I guess these two sets of drawings might show my subconscious outlook on the difference between ladies & men?  Ladies are dramatic, men are not?
I thought that charcoal would forever be my favorite medium to use, but I think india ink is slowly approaching to the tie.  I love committing to every line I draw with no thought using charcoal while in contrast to india ink, every line is well thought out and planned.


sasha said...

beautiful as always britt!
lehi and i have been talking about getting some art work in our new house, and i showed him your work and he loved it. which is very rare for him..

i maybe contacting you soon about it! :)

emma miller said...

You are just so talented! I love both of your styles here!!!

chelse said...

Every mark you make is beautiful!

Kristine said...

i loove these sketches! my favorite is the top right of the girls. and maybe the bottom left of the boys. so cool.

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculously talented. I am jealous. :)

Ola said...

Wow!!! =)


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