Minus the Bear


Landon's favorite band of all time is Minus the Bear and I've secretly been following Minus the Bear's updates to see when and where they were touring for awhile now.  To my surprise they were playing 20 minutes from my house last Thursday.  So I secretly bought the tickets for Landon's early birthday present and had the hardest time not telling him... it's really hard for me to keep any secrets, I'm an open book.
So I surprised him the day before and he had no clue! It was a success!  They were the best I've ever seen in concert and it happened to be their 10 year anniversary too, which meant they played their 2002 album in its entirety along with some of their most popular songs. It was so good and everything was worth it when I would look over at Landon and see how much he was enjoying it.  Happy early Birthday babe!

And sadly I couldn't take in my SLR and I don't own a iPhone like the rest of the world, so I brought my rejected point & shoot camera that I haven't used for years.  It surprised me and did the job.


Amanda Mae said...

your point and shoot did a great job! actually... i think it's more about the person behind the camera - you've got the skill!

kylee said...

ummm yeah your point & shoot did a great job! those pictures are amaaazing! nothing beats a good concert. what a thoughtful gift for your husband!

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

Aw Minus the Bear! I saw them at a little club in Sacramento a couple years ago. Love them! :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

What a perfect surprise! And good job keeping your cute little secret - teach me how! :)

Erin Jane said...

wow, i love these pictures (and the band). also, i just want you to know that I looooove your photography! especially the food photography, it is really amazing!


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