100 Faces


My recent goal is to draw in my sketchbook every single day... and not to my surprise it lasted for one day so far. I like to think it's not because I'm lazy but because I've been so busy lately.  I feel like a business woman, or maybe I'm pretending to be one until I actually get there.   This week I had 5 photo shoots, 3 custom charcoal portraits to do, and just started up training with EPLove Photo as their main editor.  I pretty much sit there and edit beautifully shot weddings for hours upon a time, what a dream.  I've felt so blessed lately.

Anyways back to these faces, I found myself in the car sketching faces for fun and later found myself that night 100 faces in.  I think they will make an appearance on my shop and hopefully later to your home. ;)


Mary said...

Those faces are awesome and so are your photos! Hey what kind of editing program do you use for your photos?

Becca said...

you are SO talented. how exciting to be their photo editor! Excited to see where you do with all your talents!

janis said...

Oh these are so cute :)

Emily said...

those are freaking cute!! I love the whimsy of them! Hmmmmmmm!!! I have an idea! ;)

Stylishlyme said...

I love this!! Great faces, made me smile....

Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will really love, please pass by to enter.



Jenn said...

Sister, you are so talented! I cant wait to see those faces in person! Love you!

Devin said...

These are so great! I love they that are all so different and have their own unique expressions!

Clara Turbay said...

i always enjoy this blog.


shopgirl said...

These are just wonderful. I love them. It's hard to try and fit in creative time for yourself. I know. As long as you know that you're doing your best it's all good.

Have a lovely day!


Kristine said...

i love those faces. you should sell prints of them.

Anonymous said...

So neat, I especially love the photos at the top as well (:

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