Sunday Stroll


I was brave today and brought my camera with me while I was riding my bike. A little secret about me is I can rarely ever take my hands off the handlebars without stressing out or almost crashing into something, and riding on a busy road is a completely different story, ask Landon.
So I was quite proud of myself today and I'm glad that I brought it out because the California sun was looking yellow as ever and my sweet, sweet husband was looking cute as ever, double bonus!

This past week has been a little trip for us, our 27" iMac, not even a year old, crashed and stopped working! ...and ironically it happened right after Steve Jobs died... hmmm I called the Apple store and sure enough they want more money to fix our brand new desktop!! It was a little stressor this week because half of my life and most of my current work is on there!  So I went through the hassle of it all and factory reset our little baby, it still isn't working the greatest but now I can at least get some work done.
Let's hope that no more of our Apple products will crash and that I can be more productive this week!


The Thomas' said...

Love Sunday strolls! nice pics:)

Emily said...

have don look at it. he replaced his own hard drive last year. have you backed it up on an external drive?

jkd said...

i love the magical light in the pictures.

kimberly said...

Oh, your blog is SO beautiful! I love the photography. Stunning, truly.

Kristina said...

great shots! and no worries, I have the same problem, cannot let go have the handles without almost crashing :) haha


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