House of Dosas


One of my favorite things about Vancouver is all of the culture that is here. Last time we were down Mckay, Landon's brother, took us to all of his favorite restaurants which in turn now have become all of my favorite places to eat, this place in particular. House of Dosas is Southern Indian cuisine that I crave all the time!  They're known for their dosas which are similar to crepes but made of rice flour.  They fill them with various stuffings that are so flavorful.  I've always been interested in the Indian culture and eating this food makes me want to go to India even more!


emily said...

southern indian food is really tasty. I went to this place in Delhi for s. Indian food and it was about $2 per person and the place was so packed. with Indian people- so you know it was good.

Laura Nelson said...

Im thinking you have to have the yummiest blog ever! :)

Colin and Rachel said...

oh MAN. we love Indian food, but unfortunately the only place in our town that had Southern Indian food recently closed. What I wouldn't do for a HUGE dosa with veggies and paneer... :)


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