Deep Cove


We just got done with a lovely 11 hour drive, and we are now in Alberta!! We are enjoying time with family and friends and sooner than we know we will be back in the states.
These photos were from our time at Deep Cove with Landon's Uncle's cabin.  He picked us up on his boat and drove us out to his own little oasis cabin.  We hiked, enjoyed the sun, and caught CRABS!!! This was our first time catching crabs and we were so anxious when we were pulling up the trap... hoping that there was at least one crab... and we caught four!  It made our day and we enjoyed a nice crab lunch the next day.


Melissa, The 25th Hour said...

Beautiful photos!

sasha said...

Beautiful pics as usual, britt!
How long will you be in AB for?
Hope te weather is perfect up there. :)

Nicole said...

the photos are sumptuously lovely.


Amanda Mae said...

No way! You're living the life. Sounds so amazing! Have fun!

Unknown said...

What a fun time. These are so beautiful!

kylie said...

just LOVELY i tell you


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