Chinese Night Market


The Chinese Night Market is always something to look forward to when we're in Vancouver. Bright lights, delicious food, and interesting yet entertaining performances always make up to a good night.


Melissa, The 25th Hour said...

Your photos are always so amazing. That's like I like following you so much!

But I think you already knew that :)

Bailey Schneider said...

I really LOVE your photos! Would love to know what lenses and camera you use -if you don't mind sharing!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Eventful Life and Style said...

I always feel like when I put my own photos in black and white, they never get the justice they deserve. But these photos are gorgeous!!

sasha said...

i loooove those fried potato chip-thingy.

p.s as always, your photos are beautimous. also, i don't know if i told you, but my friend who was your vt's name is mckenzie hampton. do you remember her? she's such a gem.

Kristina said...

uh, I love nightmarkets, chinese ones in particular!! great shots, love the b/w! thanks for leaving your nice comment over at my blog! :)

Piece of Drew said...

Andrew Stowell


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