This was one of our last days here in Rexburg. Started out at the new water park here, then went to have a campfire to enjoy the most delicious tin foil dinners ever... seriously I'm craving 5 of them right now, and we then finished the day off with lots and lots of smores... my favorite.

Tomorrow we are off to Boise to make Landon a US citizen! It's pretty much just like the movie The Proposal, we have stacks of evidence [pictures, bills, certificates] to prove that we are really in love and married. Should be interesting...


kylie said...

tinfoil dinners + s'more are my favorite by far

but even better is the proposal - i seriously laugh so hard every time. LOVE that movie. good luck with lando!

say hello to my hometown of boise for me! where ya headed now?

janis said...

gosh, i love meals by the fire. and those photos of the fire are amazing!

congrats on landon becoming american - is he keeping his canadian citizenship as well? my mom is a dual citizen!

Oliviaaa said...

those pictures. that fire... i'm in love!

abbeydreamer said...

how do you get those images side by side? Do you use photoshop? I have lightroom but can't seem to figure it out!!

Jessica Holly said...

Oh my. Just found your blog. I'm in love! Lovely pictures.

Ryan & Courtney said...

haha, thats so funny.
how long are you guys gonna be in boise for?!! we should hang out or go to merritts!

s a s h a said...

my lady!

i can't believe you guys are already graduated! time flies by so quickly. and that tinfoil dinner looks sublime.

and love the proposal. lehi is currently in the process of getting his greencard. it's such a hassle.
i'm so excited for landon!

and whats next? where are you guys off to?

p.s love the new header so much!

Maggie May said...

that fire is gorgeous!!

and the proposal is adorable and laugh out loud funny :) we love the 'sweat drip down my balls' singing scene!!!

Jane said...

i really love this post. beautiful pictures. and tinfoil dinners are the BEST!!!!!!!! and I die every time in The Proposal. So good.

Bronzed Humanity said...

Great blog! These photos are amazing!

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