This is how I feel right now.

This is what I did all night + charcoal portraits... till 3:30AM

This is what our house looked like yesterday

And this is what it looks like now.

Although it's not spotless, I'm quite proud of myself tonight. The walls are bare and the holes are patched. My clutter is somewhat organized in tubs and I'm tired yet wide awake... how does that work? Oh yeah maybe it's because Landon is gone for the night and I'd much rather stay up all night than go to sleep alone.

He is taking the MCAT bright and early tomorrow in a neighboring town an hour+ away. To give me company and to keep me sane I skyped with my family for about 2 hours today and 3.5 hours tonight. Yeah sounds pretty ridiculous, but I have to sit on my butt for hours drawing anyways, so why can't I talk to these cutie babies while I'm doing it!

Nathaniel fresh out of the bath.
Yes, very crazy horrible quality, but I feel like you can still see and feel his abundance of cuteness through all the grain & blurriness.

And only because I'm utterly obsessed with these two cuties I had to post this photo. After sharing a bag of M&Ms, Savi and Brady wanted to go to sleep with grammy. They fell asleep opposite sides of the bed and an hour later my sister found them like this. Sleeping very close, arms wide open, with chocolate mustaches. This makes me want to be a kid all over again.


Amanda Mae said...

oooh packing ... not one of my favorite things, I feel for you! Are you moving to Southern California? If so, welcome home neighbor!

Emily said...

moving sucks! no other way to put it. LOL!!! But I can't wait to see you guys! Who's guitar is that!?


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