Our July 4th consisted of: riding down to Idaho Falls on the motorcycle helmet and all, buying spicy Mexican roasted corn,
watching Landon inhale the Mexican corn, watching Landon finish off my Mexican corn... uh can you tell that Landon loves
Mexican corn? We sat on goose benches, walked downtown and sweat off everything we ate, had a taste of teriyaki bowls,
laid in the grass, had ants crawl all over our bodies, splurged on a funnel cake, watched little kids eat cotton candy, bought
a cotton candy bigger than our head, tried eating the cotton candy, got sugared out, and then shared our cotton candy with
We drove home before the fireworks because well, we wanted to. I guess we weren't the most patriotic this year but we
have reason not to be... Landon isn't an official American citizen yet. We got our Immigration interview for August so
maybe next year we will wear more red, white, & blue and spend the night watching fireworks.


Randi Gardner said...

very fun photos! haha

Jenn said...

my mouth is watering for some of that cotton candy! and next year you will be very patriotic with all the babies around! we missed you guys this year!

kylie said...

you are cute! and i LOVE cotton candy - i need some right now. haven't seen any in south america yet! but i shall find it

christine donee said...

there are so many things to talk about here:

1. Is than an ant? I hate ants. Like.. I have a very real fear of them. Even the tiny sugar ones. eeek.

2. What is that corn? I want some now.

3. Cotton candy larger than your head? Yes, please!

Laken said...

This looks like perfection.


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