No, we did not paint this, we are not completely crazy...
my sister knew somebody who had this from a birthday party

Rapunzal Corset chocolate covered strawberries, dusted with pearl
Rapunzal's long hair down the stairs

All the little girls got princess crowns just like Rapunzal's
And all the boys got Pascals (Rapunzal's chameleon) to wear on their shoulder
Princess Rapunzal aka Birthday girl Savi.
My sister found long hair at Disneyland and thought it would be perfect for little Savi.
Right after Savanna got her dress + hair + crown she instantly started to dance.
This is probably my favorite photo, she is so intense it cracks me up.
It is pretty much set in stone that Savanna will grow up to be a dancer.
Savanna so serious, she really does believe she's a princess

My sister gave me the assignment to draw Flynn Rider.
So I quickly sketched him out!
Pin the pan on Flynn Rider

Savi already had her first date + first kiss at the age of three.
She's going to be one mega diva.
Okay, so I was the designated 'photographer' of the day. My sister told me, take photos of the details, people, and especially Savanna...
and that's just what I did, hence the hundreds of photos I have posted and have left to look through. I think the photos say it all,
it was the perfect day.


Gloria Zaytsev said...

This is the cutest party!
Love the birthday girl & her first "bf" in the car.
Super cute!!

Brissa said...

this party is AMAZING!!!!
everything turned out so well!!
and those pictures of her dancing are priceless. :)

gunnells said...

Thanks for coming down sis. and for taking the pics ;) Your Amazing!! love ya!

emily said...

wow. best birthday party ever. that is one lucky girl.

sasha said...

oh, myyyy.
your sister did such a great job with the party!i can't get over the little pink chocolate covered strawberries and the cake. oh, the cake. it all looks so delicious.

Mariel Torres said...

ok so this is the BEST birthday party I have ever seen! i've seriously been gushing over those strawberries for that last couple minutes :b

ensombrerada said...

Un fabuloso cumpleaƱos¡¡¡¡¡

the mrs. said...

holy, cutest party ever! the cake, the birthday girl, and the birthday kiss! love it!


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