+ Memorial Weekend: Part 1!


Last year for Memorial weekend we drove a lovely 16 hours to
Canada and i got to meet Landon's family for the first time.
Well this year for Memorial weekend we went camping!!!
And this is what the forecast looked like:

Nothing like a healthy wet & cold campout, right?!?!

When we reached the camp site this is what the WEATHER looked like:
Hello Storm!!
And this is what WE looked like!!

Once we saw the storm on its way we quickly drove to
the woods to grab some dry wood for our fire.

and we finally got to put our big manly truck to use!

Just what Idaho is best at......
The weather changed completely when we came back and was beautiful as ever.
This was our frontyard, isn't is so pretty?

And it ended in an even more beautiful pinkish-purple sunset. Mmm so pretty.

Well as beautiful as this looks...
the night ended in a rain storm.
Wet hair, soggy food, and cold hands.
But don't get me wrong, ooey-gooey smores and good company made
the night great and falling asleep to hail hitting your tent put us right to sleep ;)


chelse said...

you are a brave one. We were going to go camping but opted out last minute and lazily watched movies instead!

Collections said...

wow this looks awesome. I've always wanted to go camping!

Fashionable Collections

Leanna said...

crazy weather for sure...but great shots!

Megan and Justin said...

adorable blog!! this is so random but I think I met you once in the book arts room on campus haha you said you were from the Corona area and I was like no way I'm from Yorba Linda-and we thought it was really cool haha but anyway I just came across your blog and I recognized your face..i have a really good memory :) You take amazing pictures! following...for sure :)

Megan Hollenback said...


Mariel Torres said...

that's quite the adventure little lady! but that's what camping is all about, right? ;)
love all your pictures!

Olivia.Dee said...

you guys really roughed it! that is nothing like the southern california camping we do. the landscape is beyond beautiful!

Valeria said...

I agree, your are brave. I am not a camping person, I am a city girl, you know. But hey, the adventure sounds fantastic and I love your first shot.


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