+ windowsill.sprouts.


our beans are a sproutin'
i'm so excited that my little babies started sprouting and
i can't wait to incorporate them into all of our meals.
these have already doubled in size since yesterday!
landon made a request.
paste our heads on the lentil bean sprouts,
i couldn't resist after hearing his excitement.
"two lentil sprouties in love"
grow them with me!
all you need is:

a jar
lots of sunlight

1. Buy pretty much any type of bean [alfalfa, clover, lentil, sunflower, garbanzo, mung etc.]
Get about 1 cup of beans and soak them overnight for about 8-12 hours.
2. Once they are all plump and ready, strain the excess water, rinse again
and strain, then transfer into jar, filing it no more than 1/3 of the way.
3. Cover the top with cheesecloth and a rubberband.
4. For the next few days, fill the jar with water and rinse the beans twice
a day through the cheesecloth. Make sure you get all the excess water out
or else your sprouts can potentially spoil.
5. After about 5 days your sprouts should be ready to eat!
Keep in fridge in a tupperware lined with paper towels.


girluntitled said...

i love the strategically photo shopped faces...ha ha

LCR said...

aha. love this! hellllo growing season! and little love plants? super cute.

arielle elise. said...

haha, too funny! cute :)

TaitFam4 said...

Hi Brittany. I go to Paul Mitchell the school, and I am looking for a photographer to do a really creative photo shoot. I am entering a Paul Mitchell contest and I have what I think is a pretty cool idea. ANYWAY...I have a new learning leader that suggested you (Im not absolutely sure that you are the person...but I think you are) My name is Abbie Tait and I would love to talk to you. My phone number is 2083905564. Thank you!

shopgirl said...

This is so sweet! you are one talented girl! I might actually try this.

p.s. I'm having two giveaways this week. Come drop by!
Rambles with Reese

chelse said...

I love that you are so awesome and healthy and motivated. R and I have a strict diet of chocolate and pb&j's. You're my motivation!

chelse said...

ha ha and I love your head spouts.... except they could be your future children looking at the shape of those sprouts

Anonymous said...

I'm such a fan of sprouts! They're such a tasty snack, and so convenient! Good on you for being on the sprout bandwagon :)


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