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yesterday i had the opportunity to take some of courtney & ryan's bridals.
and let me tell you how it went...
at our planned time of 12:30, it POURED rain, with WILD winds, and unhappy weather.
it was a total bummer because i really wanted to take their photos in the woods with tons of
dead trees. a white, brand-new wedding dress + muddy wet ground just didn't seem to mix.
well about 2 hours later the rain stopped pouring and there was a slight drizzle. SO, we quickly
drove out to the AMAZING spot and took the quickest set of photos ever known to man. they
were such good sports, and especially courtney in her little white wedding dress and damp
hair...you can't even tell that it was freezing there or that it was drizzling!!

i'm so happy for these two. i remember when courtney and i were roommates. i was dating
landon and she just recently started dating ryan... we would talk about our mad crushes we
had for our men to each other when we were falling asleep...
then i got married... now they're getting married... yay for marriage!
you two are great for each other and one sharp looking couple! :)

courtney's dress was made by ryan's aunt... who is obviously an amazingly talented lady!
it looks straight from the high-end boutiques and it fits courtney's body to a T. i love all
the lace and the vintage look, so lovely!

and last night courtney surprised me with this little number... a spanish poncho!
so i've always wanted one of these and she said she remembered me always saying that
and when she went to Guatemala last year she was so kind and bought one for me! i wasn't
expecting to get one, so it was a nice pleasant surprise! thanks courtney!
and a little background about the central america trip... i was planning on going...but things just
weren't working out and i felt like i needed to stay here in america... well turns out it was one
of the BEST decision i've made... landon and i started dating again, fell in love, and i got
engaged. weird how everything just seems to work out when it's meant to be.
landon said last night, "you scored, you got your poncho you've always wanted and got to marry me."
haha thanks court!


Unknown said...

These are beautiful! Her dress is so gorgeous. I love the lace detail contrasted by the wild trees in the background! Great job on these girl!

Bridget said...

nicely done, seriously! im impressed. not that i thought anything less would come of your skills!

Collections said...

This is so exciting! These pictures are beautiful as is her wedding dress.


Off Label Mama said...

What a gorgeous dress! You did a great job on these photographs.

Ryan & Courtney said...

this is soo cute!!! i love it! you are soo sweet, thank you again soo much for doing this for us, we LOOVE them more than I could explain!
you're amazing!

ps you make that poncho look awesome!

Brooke T said...

gorgeous dress! I love that you two would stay up talking about the men you are both married to/almost marrie to! So cute :)

stephanie said...

so glad to have "met" you! love your photograpy, and seriously that dress is a-maz-ing! can't wait to read more!

Andrea said...

Wow, Good job on the photos and I LOVE the wedding dress! You look cute in the poncho;)

♥ CheChe said...

hahaha.. What a great comment from the hubs. although it seems to really be a self compliment. hahaha
love the poncho!


kylie said...

fantastic photos, girl

Megan Hollenback said...

i have that same poncho from guatemala. how freakin funny!

arielle elise. said...

i LOVE her dress! so pretty :)
you did an awesome job with these...they are beautiful!

abbeydreamer said...

sooo, if i flew you out to my state, would you photograph my wedding?

my photographer flaked on me....:/

Emily said...

Hahahahaha!! I like Landon's comment!

gorgeous photos! her dress is to die for!

Unknown said...

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