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okay, so when savi's older she will either love me for taking so many photos of her...
or think of me as her crazy creepy auntie who takes creepy photos of her sleeping.

so the first morning we were in california i quickly ran out of bed to see if savi was awake.
aren't all little kids up at the crack of dawn? well savi obviously wasn't and is taking after the
stowell ladies :) she was snoring her little nose off and when i looked closer i noticed her
favorite princess toys in her hands!!! she is always so silly and it didn't surprise me that she
grasped those princesses all night long.
so instead of waking her up to play... i took photos of course. she was just too cute not too.
she surprisingly didn't wake up from my noisy camera and was too busy dreaming of charming
princesses, dashing white horses, and pink puffy dresses.
i don't blame her.
dream baby dream.

notice the toys...
while i was down in california my sister painted her room PINK.
i then drew a HUGE tree on her wall and ceiling with lovely birds and pretty butterflies.
when they are finished i will have to share our hard work.


Off Label Mama said...

aw look at that sleeping cuteness! you take some great pictures, by the way.

Swirls of Happy said...

The cutest thing!!!!!

Unknown said...

She is such a cutie! I love her curly hair.

LSto125 said...

aww my sweet little princess! love these pictures!

Gaia said...

lovely sleeping!!!!<3



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