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yesterday evening we went out for a walk to enjoy the somewhat warm weather.
when we got home i found myself cleaning up the grass in front of our house, which then led to
lots of yard work!! I was raking leaves, pulling weeds, and just trying to make it look pretty,
maybe it wasn't the best sunday activity, but it just felt nice to be outside and was super
relaxing for me. i think our managers are in charge of doing all of that... but until then, i'm
having my own fun outside.
while i was pulling weeds i made some new friends...
sorry if creepy crawlies creep you out, if somebody had a post full of mice i wouldn't be happy!
i just grew up playing with these little guys so for some reason don't mind them at all.
and here is a little peek of how our basil garden is doing!
remember how i said it was ghetto & plastic and how i wasn't going to show you guys?
well now i'm proud of my babies and how they are sprouting so tall, i'm hoping they don't die
while we're away and then i can transfer them into big nice pots... made by landon! :)
there is one side of sweet basil and the other side of italian basil!
and speaking to all you fellow southern californians!!
i will be home this next week and i'm booking family sessions NOW!

Up to 2 hours of shooting time,
and at least 50 edited full-resolution photos on disk!!!
Times are filling up so email me quickly!
Also if you want just couple or baby photos done I'm willing to doing those too!


Off Label Mama said...

Ooooh! I definitely would not have been one to play with the bugs, but you got some great photos of them!

LCR said...

ahh! so you have to be pretty darn talented to be able to take beautiful photos of creepy crawlies! geez, girl:)
Good job on the yard work, hope the rest of the weekend was great!

arielle elise. said...

lovely pictures and close-ups as usual! :)
your photography skills are awesome!

Collections said...

That beatle is huge!! I want to start growing some basil as well, hopefully my balcony in nyc gets enough sunlight... i love me some basil


Taff said...

spring is officially here!!

(today sure didn't feel like it though!!)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos, especially the one of the ladybug, you take beautiful photos! I love your little baby basil plants, here at home we have lots of mini plants that we are planting!


Victoria said...

These photos are so great! They make me want to get out there and start growing some things! It's too cold here and I'm too busy. Indoor gardening would probably even be hard right now.

Your photo skills are faaabulous!!!

Can't wait to see more! Makes me jealous!

siniann said...

Hi Brittany! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love these photos on your blog, amazing! I'll take some time to read older posts too :)

Honor said...

Your photos are actually amazing!
You make me want to go find some bugs - sadly I don't have a garden though. x

Il Mondo Capovolto said...

Your blog is so nice!!! :) I like your photos and their colours!!I will become your follower ^-^

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a little country in the North of Russia, a very cold coutry ;P but it's beautiful, with its medieval old centre so picturesque and colourful!
See you soon :)

Pearl said...

Hey there little lady!

I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

You capture some amazing shots.


Laura said...

Oh, I just discovered your blog and it looks so amazing! :) Such talented photos!

oona said...

Mmm basil... I just did some planting too. Except that I only planted sunflowers hah (: I should probably plant something useful too

Randi Gardner said...

I've never adored a photo of a bug so much! OH! I wish you were coming to southern Utah! You are so great and priced really good!
I love the Basil garden... mmmm

melissa said...

These photos are all absolutely beautiful! xoxo

Ashlee Gadd said...

Britt what lens do you use for these?! They are fantastic!


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