+ leftovers.


it's very rare when your leftovers taste just as good as the meal prepared the night before
when landon's in the kitchen.
then it always tastes just as good or even better.

last night we enjoyed the usual salmon + roasted veggies + rice meal.
and to be honest we usually forget to eat the leftovers and end up throwing them away the next week. well i came home for lunch today and landon started whipping up seseme lemon pepper chicken with soy sauce and mannn did it taste good. i'm a picky meat-eater and i'm usually content with one tiny piece of meat the size of a gumball. well today i just wanted to eat the whole chicken!
landon ceases to amaze me. sometimes i think he could make a living off of just creating ceramics, sometimes i think he could become a chef and be the winner of Chopped, and then I realize how great of a doctor he will be someday. he's so talented with so much to offer. and can i please add in that he's the hottest manliest man alive too? maybe i'm a little biased being his wife, but seriously.
How in the WORLD did I end up with someone like HIM?!
thank you Heavenly Father.
i'm so blessed.

happy friday!
happy weekend!
happy easter!


Laura Nelson said...

Your photos are so delicious! Happy Easter :)

Holly said...

This looks SO delicious! Salmon, rice & veggies is pretty much my idea of the perfect meal! :)

tia said...

you ended up with him for a reason lady! that dish looks amazing and leftovers always make the best meals the next day <3 love it!

Katie said...

Man that looks delish!

gunnells said...

Looks Delicious!! What a talented husband you have :)

LSto125 said...

it looks delicious! you are a lucky lady!

Miss A said...

My stomach just started growling after looking at those pictures, haha! You really are a very lucky lady ^^


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