+ april.


happy first of april!
i kinda gave up on april fool's last year because of landon...
i made the mistake of telling him that every year i usually get someone REAL good, like my
mother when i was like 12 or my past boyfriends... i was super proud of all my stories.
well last year, landon's best friend levi gave me a call sounding super worried.
he told me that in landon's basketball class, he got thrown on the floor and he broke his nose
and his teeth ripped through his lip! i started crying and freaking out, and i had lost my keys at
the time [the usual me losing everything] so i remember calling my mom saying should i just walk to
the hospital or should i wait for levi later on today to pick me up.
i was a mess and can still remember the image of landon with a broken nose and ripped lips...

i then went on facebook and saw that landon left a comment on a friend's wall,
which made me re-think everything all over again
i texted levi and asked, does landon have a computer with him at the hospital?
i was SO confused...
and i then realized
ugh that was so horrible, and yeah the silly joking me is now not so into April Fools Day.

Anyways..... although i'm not in school right now, it feels like finals week for me too.
with constant migraines, 2 hours of sleep with a long day ahead of me, and project lined up after project....
cooking is NOT the first thing on my list,
since we are going down to california,
we are trying to eat up everything in our fridge so that no food goes to waste.
so don't be expecting any special recipes soon
today we had soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

here's a favorite song right now to enjoy for april...

we are off to a friend's cabin for the weekend.
it will be a perfect break from all the "to-do's" on our long list.
and we are also excited for the LDS General Conference this week,
inspiration is always needed & greatly appreciated.

hope you all have a great weekend!! have anything fun planned?


Jessica said...

That food looks yummy.

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Jenni Austria Germany said...

that is a terrible joke to play on someone! yikes.

kylee said...

love me some faded paper figures. perfect for the sunny weather that's been showing up lately. have a lovely conference weekend!

Unknown said...

Umm I will be watching conference too lady :) I am ALL too excited! This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Happy April!


Julie Standley said...

I'm new to your blog. & I LOVE it. Great Design.

Come follow me too..

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I cant wait for the conference, although since we watch from home i sometimes start to snooze but then I wake up right away and repent... hahaha

have a good weekend

Write it in Lipstick

Brittany H. said...

My husband plays so many tricks on me, I feel like it's April Fools all the time. He loves to scare me and make me scream. And he succeeds every time.

That grilled cheese made my stomach growl. You can never go wrong with them! Happy weekend!


Collections said...

mmm looks great per usual!


Anonymous said...

You make even a grilled cheese look gourmet. Yum! I am looking into a new camera soon. Can I ask what kind you have?

Lisa Mae said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've done some looking around yours and it is beautiful! Especially your "about" section! Feel free to follow :) www.lisa-mae.blogspot.com

kylie said...

wanna hear about my april fools day? check my blog. UGH!

Olesya said...

wow! just found your blog) and he is wonderful with wonderful photos)
follow you, waiting for reciprocity from you ^ ^



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