+ we.really.do.


we are normal and eat out too.
i'm not always slavin' away in the kitchen!
and when landon comes home and suggests Great Harvest
i am already out the door waiting in the car.
i think i can eat there every day... which probably isn't the greatest with how much bread they give you...
but lets be honest here, it's so good!

i am a major fan of the dilly beef sandwich...
homemade dill bread with thinly sliced meat, red peppers, tomatoes,
avocado spread... okay i'm making myself hungry all over again!
one of my future goals consists of making some homemade dill bread...
hopefully that will be soon!

a free slice of bread is always a plus.
today was cinnamon burst.

and whenever i'm trying to take a photo of landon he is either making a
funny face or tries to get anything he can into the photo.
which i'm fine with, i'm just glad he doesn't go crazy that my camera is
always the 3rd wheel on our dates!!!
today it was his pointer finger. i was able to get a shot of just his sandwich
without the finger... SCORE!

we shared a hot broccoli soup... and boy was it hot.
we have burnt taste buds for the next week. thank you great harvest.

and when we were driving down main street, i looked
in the rear-view mirror and saw this huge tractor behind us!
only in idaho would you see these on a daily basis acting as if it was a regular car.
ohhhh idaho.
this reminds me of this post when i was back home in NORCO.

we then took a stroll through the art gallery of oil paintings and BFAs.
and lastly went through the ceramics room so i could see husband's talent.
he has some lovely pieces coming up, can't wait to show you all!
then we said our lovey dovey goodbye.
he's off to studying for 6 hours for his test tomorrow...
and i'm off to blogging, drawing and spending time with Jose & Ray.
they keep me occupied with their buttery voices and good melodies.
and landon is okay with that :)

oh and last but not least...
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you would be dumb not to enter, her dresses are beautiful
and Becca and I are working with the Spring line right now!
I'm so excited to show you all what we've been doing!!
But for now, go over and comment and check out her Spring line.
It's chic, elegant, beautiful, modest, fashionable all squeezed into each dress!
now stop reading this and go visit her blog!


♥ CheChe said...

hahaha. I love how your fast food looks like a delicious and healthy sandwich! :). You guys are adorable and I am glad I found your precious blog!


Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

Your sandwich is making me hungry! Yuum- that looks so good!! I am happily on my way out to dinner because now I am starving :)

kate said...

i just walked through the spori gallery this week, too! pretty, pretty, pretty.

and mmmmm, great harvest!

Maggy said...

your pictures are always breathtaking...and my mouth act-ually started watering.

Riya said...

everyday I see pictures of your yummy foood and I get more hungry than ever. Great piks as always

Amanda Mae said...

you're from Norco!? awesome! my best friend is from Norco! Horse town! :)

ps... that bread! drool!!

Carrie said...

Yumeeeeee! Looks great!
XO Carrie

Raven said...

SO totally jealous that you guys have a Great Harvest where you live. They have THE BEST bread and food. My sister and her husband are actually in talks to open up one here where we live. I'm praying for that!! :)

Nathan Williams said...

ray lamontayne has been a favorite at our place for awhile now

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love your playlist. and that food is making me huuuuuuuungry. too bad i just ate like 3 dinners in the course of 4 hours.

LCR said...

looks like such a fun date- it's nice when boyfriends don't mind all the date photos. especially when they turn out this beautiful:)

Collections said...

Love the pictures. The sandwiches look quite delicious. I really love the animation you used for the photo with landon's finger. Very creative!


Logan said...

Logan and I love great harvest! You pics of all your food are AMAZING!

msevangeline said...

just so you know. I am slightly in love with Ray Lamontagne and therefore do covers of some of his songs on the guitar. He is amazing...and you are too!

mandyface said...

I have a local bread place that I love that gives out free samples too!! Its like heaven on earth for me!

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