+ date.night.


yesterday landon & i went on a date for family home evening. :)

we first went out to the BODIES Exhibit out in Idaho Falls.
it was so crazy how they were able to preserve the bodies so perfectly.
super interesting & it helped having a pre-med student with me to explain
everything in depth!
we weren't allowed to take photos there... boo hoo. so i stole this from the internet.

we then stopped by Barnes & Noble.
these are one of my favorite dates,
i read cookbooks & fashion magazines while landon studies!!
& a double plus was they were playing Adele's new album the whole time! woot woot!

don't mind our casual-ness & landon's hole-y sock.
sometimes we just want to have a break from being all dressed up.
landon=sweatpants ---------------me=spandex
and every time i would get excited and start reading off a recipe to
landon i would look over and he would pretend to be sleeping. he is so silly sometimes.
we then finished off the night with a long hour trip to winco.
seriously i think we could spend 5+ hours in there if we wanted to.
it's our favorite idaho falls stop and everything is so cheap that we feel okay about buying it!
sometimes we go overboard, but this trip we seemed to have control.


Rosemary and thyme said...

Thanks for visitng and comment!
Lovely pictures on your site!
I`ll be back!

Have a nice day!

Kandice Breinholt said...

i cannot tell you how badly i've wanted to go to that exhibit! lucky, lucky girl :D

Megan said...

not gonna lie. i saw your thumbnail and i said "oh they look cute, we could be friends" and then i went to your blog and found out i was correct.

janis said...

i'm impressed with landon's studying. anytime i try and do homework in close proximity near mike, i fail miserably.

Maggy said...

ugh that exhibit was unbelievable, and I completely agree...our best dates are at Barnes or Starbucks - just relaxing outside of the living room :)yoga pants welcomed!

Riya said...

Thank you so much for your kind message on my blog and for following me. I follow you too. I really like your blog, its very dreamy lol and you are very talented.

Endlessly Chic said...

Hey hun! Thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours as well!
Looks like you guys had a great time! i have always wanted to go to that Bodies exhibit!

kELLY said...

i went to the body exhibit in atlanta and i loved it! the baby section was hard to go through- but SO.COOL. i loved it and we spent way to long in there than we should have.
did they also have a thing where they had you be blind? we did that and they had little scenes set up like a city, a park, a room, etc with a blind fold on- it was fun! and you got your own walking stick :)

Unknown said...

This looks so fun. Landon's sock cracked me up! haha. We don't go out very much, so when we do I really like to dress up! My boo is the exact opposite...he would wear his "comfy pants" (aka sweat pants)everyday if he could.

Oh, and Barnes & Noble is the best place ever.

Gaia said...

very cool blog and lovely pictures!!!!:D I follow you!!

visit my blog!


Jodi said...

your blog is amazing.. I love your photos.. you are so creative.. very very inspiring .. am glad I came across it!!! xox oJ

Unknown said...

thanks for you comment on my blog! funny story--i came across your blog the other day and was looking at your wedding ideas/photos.
i fell in love and almost did your idea of the string wrapped around the invitations!
you + your hubby make a lovely couple!!

Ashley Aikele said...

Adele is my FAVORITE! I went to her concert a few years ago and I have never been the same since. Hearing her live is incredible. She is coming this summer. I highly recommend going :)

♥ CheChe said...

such adorable pics of you and the hubby.. I love it. What was that?? Was it a bookstore you guys were casually parked in?? I'm always asking questions...hehe


Casey said...

Pete and I LOVE going to Barnes and Noble, we're going tonight as a matter of fact! If you ever need a fun idea to do there, I found this neat scavenger hunt you can do for your next date night. :)

Rach said...

i love going to barnes and nobles! of course to never to productive things like study. i love looking at the food, girly, celebrity gossip magazines. and im seriously obsessed with adele. sounds perfect

Baoto said...

Thanks for your comment and following, I appreciate it! Love your blog as well! xo


Collections said...

I've always wanted to go to the bodies exhibit, sad that you couldn't take pics! I am now following, if you like my blog follow me as well!


GretchTM said...

I went to this exhibition when it was in Atlanta around Christmas time last year. It was an amazing experience.

You have a really pretty blog and I love your photographs.

I'm following. :)

Liz said...

I went to this exhibit when it came to Portland about 5 years ago. I thought it was absolutely incredible!!

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