+ basil.garden.


so this morning i put together my basil garden.
most of you rexburgians are probably thinking...
"uh how are you starting a garden when we had the biggest wind and rain storm last night?"
well it's not an outdoor, fresh dirt, new seeds kinda thing.
it's a ghetto plastic garden you can start in your house.
[hence why i didn't take photos of it and just drew my own "hoped" up to be basil garden.]
so i'm a little desperate here,
but i'm not going to let this weather stop me from starting spring in my life!
garden this morning - spring cleaning later today.
hello spring & goodbye winter.
[maybe i'm a few weeks late here but i live in idaho]

and in honor of fridays....
here is:

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is:
Marrying Landon, no doubt about it. That will always be at the top of the list.

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is:
Next to Landon, but okay I'll stop being all lovey dovey even though that's what i really think,
but we don't have many places to sit. So my bed or infront of the computer. :)

3. My fashion philosophy is:
I don't think I have a "philosophy" but I'll just say what I think.You don't ALWAYS have to have
make-up on, be dressed up and take photos of yourself... haha just kidding about that last
part- no hurt feelings for you fashion bloggers. But honestly, I think it's important to look
good, take care of yourself, and get ready for the day, but don't put it as your top priority over
what really matters. And let's be real here, I think this whole break I've gotten ready like 10
times. oops.

4. Something every girl should have is:
A little bit of some eyeliner/mascara. I think it enhances every girl's
beauty - if they know how to put it on, sometimes it's like spider legs galore on those lashes.
yikes, calm down.
But yeah a lil bit of liner doesn't hurt anyone :)

5. If you looked in my purse right now you'd find:
Honestly I kinda stopped using purses. I stick my wallet in my back pocket and i'm good to
go!...maybe i lose it more often that way and it's fallen several times on the side walk without
me knowing. Thanks goodness for honest people. But if I have to bring more than one thing
somewhere you can find 20 different colored pens/pencils, scissors, tissues, and Landon found
a tube of paint in there last time. I'm an artist what can I say...

6. My favorite music right now is:
Ambulance by Eisley.
I'd be lying if I said I listened to this song 50 times a day, because I honestly listen to it at least
75 times a day this week! I hear Landon singing it in the kitchen on his own and I asked him if
he liked that song and there was no comment, then I asked him if he was sick of it and he said
YES. So anyways, I also been listening to Florence + the Machine, First Aid Kit, Metric & the
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's. girls bands rock.

7. My favorite part of my body is:
Uh I don't really like to answer these kind of questions.
I'll say my eyes. They are big and sometimes next to Landon I look like an alien, but they can
hold a lot of fun eye shadow & crazy colors and that's what I like to do with make-up. :)


Collections said...

love this post the drawing is awesome. I am a huge fan of basil!! When its warm in NY my mom and I have our own basil garden as well. Idk what my biggest accomplishment thus far is... deff an interesting question and something to think about.


kylee said...

florence is a current love of mine. especially dog days. loooove. first aid kit melts my heart. their voices are to die for gorgeous. listen to this:


they sing in it. it's one of the prettiest songs i have ever heard. and i LOVE metric. they are on my list of must see live.

Gabriella said...

Your drawing is brilliant! And I like the fact that you named your basil garden 'ghetto plastic garden' - sure to be the funniest moment of my day ;)
Have a lovely weekend!

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