+ the.reception.


and you thought i was done with the wedding photos....
well you were close,
i have one more after this one.
i promised my family photos- so here they are.

[photos taken by EPblog.net]

our reception was held at The Avocado House,
it's a cute little barn looking catering/brunch-lunch restaurant house.
let me tell you how it worked...

1. first walk down a sidewalk with strung lights leading up to the porch
and pass the HUGE avocado tree.
2. then walk up the steps and get your photo taken with a polaroid camera for
the guestbook.leave a funny note or two for the bride & groom & then take
another photo for keepsakes.
3. leave your present/gift on the left and pass the cake [cheesecake that is] on the right.
4. grab a wedding favor and either save it for the ride home or eat it quickly
and have another four...like all of landon's buddies.
5. turn the corner and line up for dinner. pecan crusted chicken or cheesy
mushroom chicken- your choice. plus sides of vegetables, salad, fruit, etc.
6. walk down the steps of the porch down to the white tent, find a seat & enjoy the music.

so i'm never about parties for myself or any spotlight on me at all. i hate it.
i was close to just having a very small dinner with both families and having
no big reception at all. i didn't care for all that... but i'm so SO glad i did.
it felt like one huge party, it wasn't where everyone was stuck at a table,
we had people in the restaurant/lunch house, some at the photobooth wall,
a few on the porch, and the rest down at the tent. it was just a chaotic mess, which fits me perfectly.
thanks to everyone who made this happen!

the Avocado House
the guest table.
"we'd love if you take a photo or two,
then leave us some words for us to remember you."

i made the guestbook in my book arts class and foil-pressed it to personalize it just for us.
and we had tons of marshmallows at our wedding.
i remember when i was trying to plan it, i wanted an all white wedding with lots of texture.
so i first chose paper- my absolute favorite.
i then thought of the infamous tissue balls.
and then i thought of marshmallows!
tons and tons of marshmallows.
maybe not the first choice for wedding decor, but hey i just wanted it fun and playful.

our photobooth wall.
with MORE marshmallows~

i made these spinning ornaments with paper and thought they would be
fun to hang on the ceiling

these were our wedding favors.
my sister-in-law's infamous cake balls.
she made cake pops for this occasion and they were a hit!
thanks katie!

our cake.
the ONLY thing landon said he NEEDED at the wedding was cheesecake.
so i kicked out the traditional expensive cake and brought in cheesecake.
we had a cheesecake bar and had tasty toppings to put on.
i bought the little toppers at the LA floral market, it was a bush cut down, and then i
grouped them together for my own flower bouquet and for the cake toppers.
it seemed like everybody was more excited for the cheesecake than for us getting married.

the tasty table.

our tent! that chandelier is now hanging in our apartment :)

i don't know if banyan was trying to help with decorating or trying to pull down the decorations... either way he is such a cutie i don't care!

this is where we sat and ate together, well that's what was supposed to happen.
like i said before it was just a big party and everyone was everywhere, so we sat there
for like 5 seconds.

see, i don't even know where landon was, probably partying with the boys :)

i had to throw in a photo with landon & his glasses.
i meant to get some photos of him in these, i love them.
they were his dad's frames when he was growing up,
and landon put in new lenses and now claims them as his.
i love them.
and HIM!
look at that perfect symmetrical face...only i would say that.
being an artist, and drawing faces all the time.
our biggest surprise of the night... a 64 GB iPad!
lando's family all pitched in and gave it to us,
as you can see we were beyond thrilled

the cake cutting.
notice our intense concentration

cake kisses.

mmm cheesecake

all of his buddies who traveled long and far to be there. + his brother on the bottom right
candid of baby savi and my dad

my cute japanese grandma.
most likely she is hitting landon telling him that all of the Wood brother are gorgeous.
she was blown away of their good looks and wouldn't stop telling him,
i love her.

landon gave a speech of his undying love for me...
made everyone laugh
made everyone cry... especially me.
he's a keeper.

our slow dance

everybody joined in on the dancing.

the mini bride & groom were rockin it all day and let's all be honest here,
they are WAY cuter than landon & i and maybe were the center of attention of the wedding.
seriously i love them and miss them both. + brady boy.

i surprised the Ellsworths with a little gift.
these were the first portraits i had drawn for somebody
the FIRST art work signed as BRITTANY WOOD
they deserve the world. they are such awesome friends.
thanks guys!
the ring shot.

it's obvious that the two little ones were devastated with our departure...
i think this was the funnest part for everyone and the worst part for us...

and we are STILL finding bird seed in our ears and between our toes.
...well not really, but the first month or so that was 100% true...


brandilyn said...

omg-when david and i left our reception, we got similarly slaughtered with bird seed. when we got to our fancy shmancy hotel, i was standing in the lobby while david checked in (picture low lighting, soft jazz music playing). i readjusted my skirt...and dumped birdseed ALL OVER the lobby. awwwkward.

your pictures are AMAZZZING! i've been stalking your blog forever and finally decided to become a follower so i don't feel as creepy. so, hello :)

kylie said...

it makes me sick how perfect these are. but instead of being sick i'll just be happy for you. absolutely dream perfect.

Emily said...

It was a great party! I absolutely love the picture of Savi and Brady crying when you guys left! That is hilarious! They love their auntie! :)

arielle elise. said...

wow...beautiful pictures!

they are all so lovely :)


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