+ fridays.


1. I am:
Brittany Anne Wood, a quarter Japanese, Mormon, art-loving wife to Landon Peter Wood-
hottest man in the world i might add.

2: The bravest thing I've ever done was:
well, this might not seem brave to you, but i was just a baby 15 yr old and i got picked/asked
to be in a Hurley[the clothing company] art show. i went to meetings with 15 other artists 10
years older than me all looking & dressing like 'artists' when i was just this little girl not even
knowing what i was doing there, who i was, or how any of that even happened. i just had to fake
that everything was natural to me and that i had been doing art my whole life like everyone
else- when in honest, only that 6 months before. even my mom was hesitant for me to do it
because it all came so randomly, we thought it was a trick or some kind of joke.
when i walked out with $300 worth of free Hurley clothes, all of my art & only art i ever
created hung up next to other artists, and my name on a flyer- i realized it was real.
when i think about it, it still makes my stomach upset of how nervous i was!

3. I feel the prettiest when:
i showered, have a squeaky clean body, freshly curled hair, and some make-up.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is:
EVERYTHING. i am a night owl 100%, but i guess art plays a big part of why my mind runs off
on me at night. i did 2 charcoals last night and went to bed at 2:45AM, and you're wondering
why I'm up at 8:30, yeah, me too.
i blame landon. ;)

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is:
well that's just too too hard to choose, off the top of my head i would say my mom's
Aunt Verbena pudding-chocolate-nut crust goodness, but some people wouldn't count dessert
as a meal. so right now is lando's and my salmon, roasted veggies & rice meal we make
once-twice a week. we had it last night & mmmm,
it put me in a good mood.

6. The way to my heart is:
some good chocolate or a pepsi.
i have a healthy heart huh?

7. I would like to:
finish school, continue on my art, travel with lando across the globe [we're hoping he gets his
immigration papers finished soon so we can] and see my new baby nephew RIGHT NOW



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