+ at.the.temple.


i got my cd of wedding photos last night & all of our family is wanting to see them!...
so if you don't mind, i will have a few loaded wedding posts for the next few days.
going through all of these just brought back all the good memories! it was such a
happy dreamy dreamy day.

photographed by EPblog.net

we had my niece [savi] & landon's nephew [banyan] walk out of
the temple right before us and they were just the cutest thing ever!
so much cuter than landon and i! :)
savi= poised, banyan= is banyan :)
oh my goodness, this has got to be one of my favorite photos!
welcoming the bride & groom...
landon twirled me around and said "i won"

i still remember, right when we walked out of the doors,
mr. banyan was calling our names uncle lanny aunt brittany,
uncle lanny aunt brittany! this shot is awesome
redlands, california temple - november 20, 2010!
the group shot. i love how the curb was painted yellow just for our wedding.
mrs. savi belle & mr. banyan -- mini bride & groom
the handsome wood brothers + me
wouldn't expect anything less :) so silly.
my side of the family

father + bride
mother + bride
my two pregnant sisters & brother... i feel like i look adopted, notice the
difference of skin tone with me & jenn?
brotherly love
dave & jared
my best friend karena + me

the wood family side!
bride & groom with our babies.

i'm actually thankful that it rained on our wedding day,
the ellsworths rocked our photos & i love the way they turned out!


kylie said...

fabulous just wont cut it

Emily said...

Love them! And, actually, I think Jenn's the one that looks adopted! haha! J/K!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm impressed that all of your guests are wearing matching colors, was that planned? Either way it makes for some nice looking photos!

Dionne said...

SUCH cuteness, and what an AMAZING dress, I LOVE it! So gorgeous!

sarah.wandering. said...

Stunning. I have nothing more to say. Stunning!

erin said...

You two are gorgeous. Quite possibly more gorgeous together. I'm so sad I couldn't be there. Thank you for sharing the photos. Congratulations!!

Collin&Tatum said...

I stumbled across your blog on "A Beautiful Day To Be Alive" and I have to tell you I LOVE your wedding pictures! The rain makes the day look so magical :]

marta said...

okay, you're killin' me with cuteness. seriously?! i love the rain and i love yellow and i love how he twirled you and said 'i won'. oh goodness, thanks for all the inside glimpse.

p.s. i've never seen a reception with marshmallows. completely rad. xo. your new fan.


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