At the train station


okay so some of you might be annoyed of all these wedding photos and honestly
i'm annoyed of loading them all up with our super slow interent!...
but i love my family & especially my mom, and they are dying to see more.
these were taken at an old train station in redlands. we headed straight after the
temple to take these photos before the rain drenched up completely. a lot of these
are candid shots and maybe that's why i love them so much.
ps. landon wrote some of the captions below, i bet you can guess which ones! ;)

here is a little sneaky peeky photo of behind the scenes with the
the rogg, i thought it was fun.


Karrie said...

I wanna come over and see them all!!! I love the one about the 3 wishes :)Make thse babies already

Jenn said...

sister~~i am loving all the wedding photos and all your blog updates! i love seeing what you guys are up to. miss you!

Dionne said...

Such cute pics, i love them!

Faith Garff said...

def not annoyed... i love them!

Bri said...

These shots are stunning! What an amazing photographer you had, and seriously, most photogenic couple I may have ever laid eyes on!

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

Brittany, your wedding pictures are stunning! Your dress is gorgeous and that old train station is the perfect backdrop, especially in the rain. These photos are magazine worthy and your friends are such talented photographers.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my headboard. I hope you find your mom one for her bedroom soon :)


paddle to shore said...

These pictures are incredibly lovely


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