+ lunch.


and for today...
it's sandwiches.

i was in search of a good avocado among all of the mushy over-ripend, out-of-season avocados,
and i think i totally scored on this one today. yay!

i had lunch prepped and ready before 12 o' clock awaiting my husband to come home from class.
well he hadn't showed up and thirty minutes had already passed...
the nice thing is, i love taking photos of food, so to make the time pass quickly i pulled out my camera...
he then finally showed up at 1 o' clock!
when i had just realized his class didn't end until 12:45...
i guess i should listen better next time.



Leanna said...

you are too cute! i love your pictures of food. in fact...the avocado, tomatoes, and cheese is a daily meal here in Chile called "once"...it is their form of dinner that they eat around 8pm. almuerzo is the largest meal here around 1pm. i love that you have the meal ready for your husband. you are such a cute wife!


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