+ pho.


so as most of my family knows, i love taking photos of food. it doesn't move, it is so colorful, and has awesome texture! whenever we make treats or cook up a big dinner, i'm right in there with my camera. and since i now live with the man i love, and not dramatic girls, and i have my own dishes, i have been taking tons of photos! and especially, since landon and i love cooking together he can add his bits of spice and magic and i can take a snapshot or two.

today on the menu: pho.


well really it's just top notch Top Ramen, but i like to call it pho because it tastes too good to just call it Top Ramen. we went to a lot of ramen houses while up in canada and since we are in the itty bitty town with little restaurants and little wallets and small cold bodies, we made some ourselves!

we just boil frozen chickens, once they are fully cooked add ramen noodles with chicken bullion, then cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, green onions, garlic cloves, sprouts, cilantro, and any tasty veggy! and for spices: add lots of red pepper flakes, soy sauce, soy bean paste and anything your little heart desires. landon's buddy, jared gave us the idea, so thanks x 10!

so tasty, so warm, and so simple.




gunnells said...

Yummy...You will have to teach us to make some when you come down in a few weeks!!

Emily said...

Okay, so I want that picture of the carrots, garlic and green onions for my kitchen! hehe! I love still lifes


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