i almost forgot how hard being an art major is.
after working for 7 straight hours on making 1 single box,
i now realize why i have these bad habits of staying up late,
and this sore, broken back of mine.
but i finished,
and i'm tired,
and i miss landon,
and can't wait till i can crawl into bed next to him!
16 more days!
this whole 'counting down the days' is not healthy for me,
it's on my mind more than anything these days....
but what's a lady to do when she's in love & going to get married in 16 days?!?!?!?!?!?!



Landon Wood said...

you make me the happiest person alive!

B&A said...

YAY!!!! I have to say the absolute hardest part of our marriage is sleeping!!! hahaha because its really hard to sleep when there's someone so handsome and amazing asleep next to you! :) seriously.



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