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as i mentioned before, i was in california this past weekend for my bridal shower.
and i have to give a big shout out to everyone who helped. my family especially, every single one of them, thank you! the brunch was so tasty & perfect & i had such great company there, it was a pleasant time indeed.
i got wonderful gifts and landon & i are getting more set for marriage as each day goes by.
i of course couldn't bring half of the gifts up with me because i was flying but for what i did bring:

this beautiful double-sided apron sewed by the debbie crawford.

bright kitchen towels!

nice flannel sheets for the brutal idaho weather!

pretty glass engraved frames

and the cutest magnets i've ever seen!... and it's not just because landon & i are on them,

they look like mini ice cubes, my talented sister-in-law made these along with body scrubs & face scrubs that i can't wait to use.

and i got many other things, my mother bought me our dishes that i cannot wait to use, my sister bought me all my bathroom towels & heavy duty shower curtain, and my other sister bought me the best 2 biggest hot coco/soup mugs i've ever seen in my entire life that i can't wait to drink out of... among other things.
thanks for everyone who came and drove long hours, i appreciated it and felt the love! :)
on the other hand... this weekend landon surprised me at the airport in SLC when i was expecting to drive home alone, he was there waiting for me, which means he had to get up at 4:30AM and take a long treacherous shuttle..... seriously can i get anyone better?!?! I THINK NOT! :)
so we spontaneously bought our bed set & mattress in utah & had an adventure driving it home in the rain with tarp, straps & tape we somehow made it home safely... but we can't wait till we can move it into our new house a week from today! yay!

i also bought these fancy lil metal letters that were on sale,
L for Landon

B for Brittany

and L+B= love :) (i used my mac booth, the reason why they are backwards :)


LSto125 said...

soo much fun! I loved having you home and spending this special time with you. I agree, you did get many wonderful gifts! I think the surprise by Landon was the best! You are a lucky girl! Love you!


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