+ wedding.invites!


the first set of invitations are out!


it was a lot of work & a lot of time but i'm very proud of our little team (landon & me) to get them all taken care of while still in school.
for a little background info on the invites:
i designed them... with some helpful critique from landon,
i designed the font & wrote it all out with this computer mouse of mine! with the help of landon's ingenious ideas...which believe me, they are always perfect & seem to solve every problem i run into...we then got them printed, hand-painted some string, specially fitted each envelope, got the photos printed, finished off each seal with a simple sticker & sent them out to canada today!
we will send out the rest to our american friends in a few weeks...
so when you receive your invitation...
remember how much thought & love was poured into each one,
& we can't wait till you all can join us for our celebration!






B&A said...

YAY I love them!!!! I'm so jealous they are beauitful!!!!! Good job you two!

heather marie said...

i'm stoked to get mine in the mail sooooon!

. said...

congratulations! they're so lovely!!

if you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera lens do you use? :)

Brittany said...

thanks! and i use a 50mm 1.4


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