+ my.oh.my.


most every night i shower before i go to bed.

...so i go to bed with my hair wet,

and wake up looking like this:

[please ignore the 'just woke up' face of mine. :)]

it is a surprise everyday waking up.
i think my hair is getting curlier and curlier
to the extent that i wake up and it's in knots and one giant frizz ball rat's nest.
i wake up and don't know where to start. shower again? spend 2+ hours on straightening it? or just sport it?
still haven't decided.


heather marie said...

i love it! :) miss you!

Emily said...

haha! I think we have the same type of hair, because that is what mine looks like when I wake up too! I so need Katie's help! :)

Karrie said...

Tame it on the top, then it would look decent.

Landon Wood said...

Throw a hippie head band on, and sport it
straight up!


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