+ ima student.


i have 2 more semesters left of school and then i'll be outta REXBURG!
...crazy how time flies...
for spring/summer semester i have a full load of credits and it will not be easy.


i'll be taking:
Spanish 201
Abnormal Psychology
Studio Lighting
Art Readings 400
Printmaking III
Art Seminar
goodbye social life!

one good thing is i have no classes on Friday!
meaning there will be plenty time to go camping...


and i also hope to go fishing sometime this summer...

but most of all...
i hope to get a nice tan and have fun relaxin in the sun...


because isn't that what summer is all about?
school or no school, i'm excited for it.


Leon said...

Sounds magnificent: the schedule, the summer. All of it.

Brittany said...

please join me in the summer adventure.

Leon said...

Wish I could, B. Alas, living in Missouri has been a pretty big setback in my life.

Karrie said...

Come with me in July for a 3 day trip. Wear your birthday suit and come get tan!!!!

heather marie said...

yay!!! come home soon!!


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