+ it's.threeee.o'.clock.in.the.mornin


it's one of those restless nights again and i have edited a bazillion photos like a MAD woman.
our heater does NOT work. all of our rooms are in the basement and it's a fa-ree-zing down here. literally, i was shaking. and i wore these gloves while editing.
thank goodness for wonderful mothers who buy you a heated blanket that helps you to stay warm while sleeping. it's like a heated oven bag for pizza but for your body. lovvvve it.
thank you mother.
ps. we will talk to our managers about this freezing non-heater situation. tomorrow.


Jenn said...

you are such a late nighter! crazy. we all cant wait to see all our pictures! you are so talented.

ps. love your gloves.

Leon said...

You are that crazy girl from California. And I'm the not-quite-normal guy from Missouri. Or something. Whelp, looks like I won the who's gonna follow who first game. Probably because I'm good at games.


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