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i finally got accepted to fastgrad?
well, i never got an acceptance letter, but i am now able to register for winter semester!
only bad thing is... most of my planned classes are full!! so it's quite annoying because i don't want to take pointless classes since i'm getting closer to graduating. i have written several emails to the teachers explaining what happened and that i desperately need to take that class, yet all of them are telling me to wait for someone to drop! so... here are the classes i plan on taking:
- Spanish 102
- Psychology: Personality
yes, those are the only classes i got into that i had planned, but here are several other options that i will take sooner or later and i'm sure i will get into a few of these for the winter:
-Digital Photo
-Developmental Lifespan Psychology
-Book Arts
-Historical Processes Photography
-Art Readings
i'm sure one person will drop from one of those classes or i know most of the art teachers and they will hopefully add me in the class.

the most important thing about this winter semester is that we are moving into a 4 person apartment!!!! meaning, it will only be peggy, courtney, kristyne, and i. life really couldn't get any better. we will no longer be dealing with crazy-dirty-psychotic-weird roommates. thank goodness.





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