+ MESO,MESO,here.we.come!!



yes you are reading this right, i will be visiting all 4 of these countries!
i will be in central america for a month studying abroad.
even better news, my girlfriends for life: peggy jean, baby kristyne, and cece courtney will be joining me as well!!!!! ...and our other very close friend andy got in too!

so here is the deal, only 38 students will be going abroad on this tour while hundreds of students applied... and all of us girls got accepted! we have been waiting for a couple weeks and we finally found out on friday! i'm excited because it will really help and reinforce my spanish by being totally emerged in the culture and language; and it will be our last summer together as friends and roommates before we all graduate and go our separate ways. perfect way to celebrate.
since i will be gone for the first block in the summer on this tour, i signed up for fast-grad, meaning i will be going to school all year round until i graduate... sadly saying i will not have a lot of play time in california for awhile.

just in case if you don't know where these guys are located, i posted a map for ya'll.


PeggyJean said...

our lives are AmaZING!!

gunnells said...

congrats sister...you guys will have so much fun!!

Tupou's said...

thats great! IM sure you guys will have fun. Hard to be away for a month and going to school non stop but it will be worth it.


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