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so far, sculpture has been one of my favorite classes i have ever taken. i mean, who gets to walk into class, is handed a 5 lbs. bag of clay and gets to play with it for three hours and then get graded on it? every time i leave the class i always think how blessed i am to be studying such a fun/hands-on major.
for homework, we have to spend 6+ hrs. on it. when i'm on my way to the lab i never want to go but once i get started, it's such an escape for me and relaxes me so much.
for our first assignment my teacher gave us 4 sculptures to choose from and then we were to recreate it with clay. he didn't really give us any instruction on how to do it, it was really for him to see how well we understand form, shape, and structure. here are some photos of my sculpture. i have done 5 + hours work on it since the photo and still have some finishing touches & smoothing to do. this wednesday we will hollow out our sculpture and fire it.

here is the model sculpture

here is the sculpture room. i just got back from class and today my teacher gave us chalk and had us draw on the floor in preparation for our next assignment... how fun!
-notice the little black heater...it is usually around 45 degrees in here because it is open to the outside... he is working on getting the main heater started... not the best condition to sculpt with frozen hands

my sculpture in the process... still have 15+ more hours to work on it


for sculpture II advanced, they work on the anatomy and figure of the human body... can't wait to take that class!

there is a little taste of what sculpture class is like.


Karrie said...

WOW Brit awesome job on your sculpture.It Looks AMAZING!!!

Courtney said...

those are amazing brittany. seriously, i looove it!

Emily said...

Was showing my boys what you're making out of clay because Perrin, my oldest, has some that he's playing with today. They think your man needs a mustache. LOL! I told them you have to make it the same. Awesome job!

Emily - Katie's Sister-in-Law


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