+ it's.been.nice


so it's almost one o' clock in the morning and i took one of my daily naps today and i'm not a slight bit tired... and my first class is at 4:30 in the afternoon... and i just love sleeping in...
so why not stay up late and post a blog?


so it's been nice here in rexburg this semester so far. it's been different from all other semesters because i seem to be more responsible and focused in school? maybe it's because i'm finally twenty, or maybe it's because i don't have a life anymore? i don't procrastinate my homework anymore, i'm productive...for the most part, and i cook most of my meals and rarely eat out. i feel good and have a lot more time to myself this semester, like i just spent 3 hours of my night in the sculpture lab, alone, for 3 whole hours, with my brain wandering as much as it could, and i really enjoyed it. i spend several hours of my time taking photos, alone, wandering the outskirts of rexburg, and i love it. i have a few personal art projects that i have set aside for my spare time. hmm, life is going good and i can tell this semester will be good for me.

on another subject... check out Phoenix and how good they are. i listen to them for hours while doing my work and they are just makin my day that much better. put them in pandora and every song that comes out is so good. mmm. somethin new, somethin good.


Courtney said...

dang girl, i'm jealous of your productive happy life. i bet your even keeping your room and apartment clean. good for you!


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