Goodbye Brick, Hello Touch Screen


love it love it love it! so for over a year now i have had such a crappy old phone where i had to delete each text individually and every time i wanted to read a text an actual 'loading bar' would come up on the screen for a short second to load up the text... yeah lame. but knowing what my mom would say... if i was more careful with my other phones and didn't loose them or drop them in water i wouldn't of had such a crappy phone, so i guess it's my own fault.
but now all that is put to side because i finally got a new phone! i can finally customize my background [kris markovich artwork... love him] and ringtones [pinback & modest mouse]! holla holla.

hmm it's 3 in the morning... am i tired? no. should i start getting ready for bed and take a shower? probably should if i want to wake up before the sun goes down tomorrow.... ha


Jenn said...

I cant wait until next month so I can get a new phone too! That phone looks awesome!


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