+ bicycle.bound


this semester us gals picked up a new little hobby of riding our bikes daily... and sometimes even twice a day... or even three times a day! literally though, we ride so much i think i have one huge bruise on my butt, but it's worth it. to make the ride that much enjoyable we bring along my little stereo and play our ipod and ride in styyyyle.
it will be such a sad day when the snow arrives, and bike riding will come to an end, but until then we will get in as much time as we can!

check out our little yet loud stereo:


Jenn said...

thats awesome! that looks like a lot of fun. It makes me want to get a bike and pull brayden around town. haha

Brittany said...

haha wouldn't that be a sight! i would pay you to see that happen

Tupou's said...

Thats great! I have a bike, i realy should ride it. I need to get a bike trailer so i can pull Kira around. There are so many hills in mission viejo its pretty tiring.


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