Life is Good


So I've been meaning to catch up on all of my crazy weekend adventures.
We have three more weeks left of school and then I'm back to California for 7 weeks!


Mudding on Mattresses!!
A few weekends ago I told Landon I wanted to do something crazy... so he picked me up with some of his buddies and drove me out to muddy farmland. They attached an old mattress on the back of a pick-up truck and we got pulled through huge puddles of mud. It was so much fun and gave us something different to do. We got nice and muddy, cleaned up afterwards, roasted s'mores, and watched a movie.


A couple weekends ago we went boating with a ton of people, but we only took two photos with us roommates. haha It was fun though.


Canoeing Down to Hell
Right before the fourth of July break, Kristyne and I went on a little canoeing/camping adventure. Let me tell you, this was quite the experience. We started off canoeing, loving life and enjoying nature...until nature came back and bit us in the butts...literally. The Snake River was infested with millions of mosquitos. Kristyne and Justin were behind us and got off their canoes an hour into the adventure and ran to the nearest house (at least a few miles away) to get Bug Off and a safe drive to our camp spot; while Landon and I had no clue where we were going and canoed for 3 1/2 hours and got bitten to death by mosquitos. We ended up canoeing through rapids and I was stressing the entire time, but thankfully we made it to the side on land before we hit the huge drop and bridge, only a hundred feet away. After we were swollen and sore, we finished the night off right with tin foil steak dinners and s'mores. It was a crazy experience, but we now laugh back on it and thankfully our mosquito bites have gone down.

Kristyne and I before we knew what was headed our way...
Kristyne and Justin
Landon and I
Enjoying nature before we knew mosquitos were on their way...
The after effect: her other side of her arm and legs were all like this.
my disgusting legs. all of my bites would swell because I'm allergic. I couldn't even wear my jeans.


Fourth of July!!!
This year for the fourth, Kristyne and I took a road trip down to Boise to visit family. We were able to spend time with my dad and had fun swimming for hours upon hours to get a nice bronzy tan; and we also spent time with her family and watched fireworks at her house. It was a really nice relaxing weekend and we were glad to see family for the holiday. Thanks for all the food family! Kris and I both gained ten pounds and rolled back to Rexburg safely.

some of the Lish crew sat up on the roof to watch the fireworks...

Here is Kristyne celebrating the Fourth of July by doing her double twist back hand spring tuck spiral twirl magic...
My attempt to get Kristyne with the fire works...
Playing with the little rollie pollies....
roommates and best friends


PeggyJean said...

Oh my gosh girls those bites look horrible!! ahh I am not jealous of that. But I am sorta jealous of your lives... You seem to be having so much fun!

Haha Brittany in that picture where you are showing the bites on your legs are you wearing those jean shorts we cut? that had a very very baby crotch? Remember the ones Courtney loved modeling for us? haha I should post that video!


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