Film, Film, Film!!!


I am soooo loving this film photography class that I am in, love it love it love it! I just scanned a few photos in lab today and here they are!! The first project was a free choice, so I got my roomie Kristyne with a light and took some portrait shots. This last week's project was motion, and we needed to first capture motion in still and then capture motion in blur. So I had Courtney do some spins and for the other part I put my camera on a tripod and did a shot of myself on my bed... lets just say my stuff is a lot different than the rest of the class, some say a little darker? Anyways, all of my projects made it up on the wall of fame in the photo lab! woo hoo! I really am enjoying this class and a part of me wants to drop digital and run with film... it seriously is becoming a lost art. Film has it's challenges because you can never see what your final photo looks like until you develop it in the dark room and no photoshop can be used!, but you learn so much. Well I have a ton of more photos to scan for later this week...
ps. click on them to see them bigger...and to see the lovely grain.



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