Finals is this week and I'm not even on track and I was still so stressed out. I had so much to do in printmaking it was ridiculous. Let me tell you how ridiculous it was:
-Last night I printed from 9pm-midnight, then we were kicked out for curfew
-I stayed up all night and carved into my plate at home until 4:30am
-I went back to the school at 4:30am when the doors opened and the janitors were there cleaning in the wee mornings, they all looked at me like I was crazy
-I stayed in the lab from 4:30 till 9:30am and finally finished my projects!
Surprisingly I wasn't too tired, but my body was sore and worn down...especially from all the chemicals...the skin on my hands is falling off, cracked and black.
I then took a three hour nap/sleep for the day.
I honestly can not wait till I get to go back to California!!!
Only 2 more days!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Britt,

We have a plan and schedule for this still motion shoot. We've also got some really great ideas and a couple friends to help move all the furniture and stuff. We can't wait! It'll take 1/2 a day at least I think. Maybe a good thing to do on Sunday? Let us know.


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