What the Blizzard?!


Yesterday we attending a yacht themed party. And that's what the first photo is from. Anyways, today a stormy blizzard came into town and covered the ground with snow...may I remind you, it's SPRING and STILL SNOWING! I think it's ridiculous, warmth won't you ever come? Well once the blizzard calmed down, us girls wanted to get out of the house and just have fun. And that's just what we did...notice from the photos below :)

Before the yacht party!
Peggy is the snow master. Here she is dominating Courtney.
Peggy dancin her legs off
Kristyne jumpin for joy!
Snow fight caught in action. Peggy dominating once again.
Peggy Sue, Courtney Love, Kristyny Beany, and Brittty

This is the amount of snow that came down this Sabbath day

Footprint #1
Footprint #2


Sheryl said...

come back to California to warm up my darlin' girl!

Jenn said...

You girls look so beautiful all dressed up for your yacht party! It looks freezing there! Tell Kristyne that I love her sweater b/c I have the same one... although it doesn't fit anymore so you can have it and be twiners with her!!


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