Spring Semester!!


So a few days ago I registered for my spring/summer semester and here is the low down:

1. Photography I - (finally! I get to take my first photog. class! it's only film/b&w. tedious work!)

2. World Religions - (I'm taking it with my roommie Kristyne!)

3. Art History II - (It's a fairly easy class for me, and I love love it!)

4. French I - (Yep, I've decided to take french instead of spanish. I've tried taking spanish in high school but I really have no desire to learn it. I've always wanted to learn french, so here is my chance! Bad thing is, it's Mon-Thurs. 9AM yikes!)

5. Art Seminar - (It's a couple times a month. Famous/well-known talented artists come on Thursday nights and show us their work and talk to us students. It's like a lil treat for me :)

And that's it! My schedule is fairly light, but we're always out late having fun out on the lake, so I think it's smart to keep it easy. Photo will take up my most of my time and French will be a lot of studying and brain power. I'm so very excited for this upcoming semester! Us five girls are still going to live together in this lil old house and just bond even more! haha but seriously, I love it and can't wait! Woo hoo.

ps. Radiohead- "Down is the New Up" is amazing. song of the night.



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